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The Miscreants are always busy!

These are the projects we are currently working on!


Experience the Magic

Minutes To Curtain by MTC

We are thrilled to present MTC by MTC, a podcast that brings the magic of a Script Analysis class to your ears, now in our second season!


Join us as we summarize, analyze, and discuss a wide range of theatrical works, from Greek classics to new and exciting productions.


Our goal is to deepen your understanding and appreciation of stage plays in a humorous and entertaining fashion.


Hosted by Andy, the Executive Swashbuckler, and cohosted by Dillon, the Executive Executive, our podcast takes you on a comical deep dive into the world of theater. Don't miss out on this unique experience!

Book Pages

Originally created when the Covid-19 pandemic descended upon us, the Miscreant Book Club is a web-based play reading and discussion group.  Together, we have read more than 50 plays, from the classics to brand new works.  This has allowed us to maintain a community and broaden our horizons even amidst global turmoil.

All readers are volunteers who help us also choose the plays being read.  We welcome any and all that are interested in reading and discussing plays with us.  To join, send us a message at or follow the link below to our facebook.

Luckily for you, the readings have been compiled into an entire Youtube Series!  Please check out the link below, Like, Share, and Subscribe!  

The Miscreant Book Club


Our Signature Aesthetic

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