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The Miscreant Community

We are dedicated to supporting our community in any way we can.  These are the groups and individuals with whom we collaborate for the good of the whole Denver Community

The Blue Bench

The Blue Bench is metro-Denver's only sexual assault prevention and client services
Established in 1983, The Blue Bench has served over 450,000 survivors and loved ones.
The Blue Bench’s mission is to eliminate sexual assault and diminish the impact it has on
individuals, their loved ones, and our community through comprehensive issue advocacy,
prevention, and care.

Why “The Blue Bench”?
Our blue bench is a symbol: Its a safe place. A place for community conversation. A
place that invites everyone to come as they are. When you see our blue bench in the
neighborhood, we want it to serve as a marker that in your community, survivors are
believed and supported.

Who we serve:
The Blue Bench believes healing is possible for everyone. We provide therapy, case
management, crisis intervention, and more to all survivors aged 13 or older and from 9
metro Denver counties.

The Blue Bench provides a 24/7 sexual assault crisis hotline in English and Spanish:

For confidential support, assistance and answers, please call our sexual assault hotline:

Para obtener apoyo confidencial, asistencia y respuestas, llame a nuestra línea directa
sobre aggressión sexual: 303-329-0031

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