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Very Serious Play

Our Mission Statement

We are the Dramatic Denizens of Denver, the Rewriters of Rules and the Pirates of Play. As a non-profit collective devoted to Community, Opportunity, Development, and Creative Vision, our productions strive to challenge and inspire, through both new works from the unheard and underrepresented, as well as contemporary twists on established classics.


Collaborative creation is the heart of our city, and of our company. It is only through the synthesis of diverse perspectives into a holistic creative vision that we can bring the unique intensity and immediacy of the stage to life. We seek to lift every voice and support the art from -- and for -- every age, race, gender identity, and sexual preference. We embrace nontraditional casting which is age and gender-blind, and abide by the tenets of “Very Serious Play” where the elements of playtime are integral to every rehearsal and performance. 


We believe that by embracing the diverse perspectives in our thriving city, we can invigorate the performers and supporters across the Front Range.


We are the Miscreant Theatre Collective.

Meet the Miscreants

The Dedicated Denizens, the Heads of the Hydra.

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